Company Profile

Raisedherbs Zion Marketing is a company committed to help improve people’s live by providing consumers with high quality herbal and beauty products under the RAISEDHERBS brand name. The company utilizes the online marketing strategy for the distribution and sales of its safe and effective raisedherbs products.


To make the RAISEDHERBS products widely available to the consumers and promote the use of safe and effective herbal medicines.

To Educate people about alternative medicines, disease prevention and other issues on health and vitality.

To Help people who have dreams of being successful and at the same time be of help to others by providing rewarding business opportunities to them through  direct selling of the RAISEDHERBS products.


To be a leader in providing world-class and innovative herbal products in the Philippines and in other parts of the globe, to help people attain a healthy and successful life through RAISEDHERBS products.

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